Monday, 14 September 2015


This weekend I had exhibition in Salsa Verde gallery in Izola.

On the road to Izola I stopped in Postojna to visit BoldRider crew.
They started to upgrade their paradise again. I invited them to the 
opening of the exhibition, but they said that they are not sure whether they will come or not.
I know how it is with concrete. 

When we came to Izola Edi took us to the beautiful square
where we enjoyed glass of vine and live jazz music.

After a few drinks Saša and I were headed for a walk and we
found funny fish "sculpture".
-This pic is for Miro-

Next morning coffee and work in gallery

Big thanks to Edi's mom for making lunch for us!!!

Before the opening, the best bartender looks at the whole situation
and said that everything is ok and that we can start!

Jacky boy!
 I found you a girl!!!

After hour and a half I was in front of the gallery,
I raised my head and saw some orange group of people approaching me. 

Noooooo way!?!?!?!
Whole Boldrider and Row crew came !!! 

Saša started to warm up the atmosphere!

Boldrider vampires!!!

Bartender was happy with how this night ended!

After exhibition we decided to go on a concert in a city close to Izola, Ankaran.


The next day, a little bit blurry, we packed our bags and headed to Postojna.
Guys in Postojna started with concrete in 8AM after a 'busy' night.

During my exhibition in Izola from Kristijan Smok on Vimeo.

This was really a nice weekend in Slovenia!
Big big thanks to Sal Saverde gallery, Edi, Edi's mom, Saša and Boldrider-Row crew.

---See ya soon again--- 

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