Thursday, 29 May 2014


What a bizarre morning! 

The three of us decided to go to well known flea market in Zagreb called Hrelić.

The sunny day promised adventure and as we arrived we started our quest for the goods... 

I've been looking for Mju-1 for a while now and I told my friends to keep an eye out for it. 
All you can find at flea market are more-less old Russian cameras, such as Smena, Zenit, Zorki etc. 

After about an hour Beni's voice pierced through the crowd "Kiki! I got it!!"
 And there they were-two Mju-1s. 
One without battery, 
and the other one with it, plus the color roll inside. 
I asked for the price and I tossed it from one hand to another while waiting for the answer. 
Online prices are about 15-30 €. 
The guy said 3 €. 
I looked at the camera one more time and pay the price right away. 
There are still 35 frames in it. 
And so our unexpected adventure begins. 

We were laughing and having fun while strolling from booth to booth and meet a few familiar faces on the way, amongst them was the Junk King / Artist Trokut. 

Coffee break and then action again. 

Each of us found almost everything we were looking for. 

With our feet already tired we headed toward the car.

 Our "parking spot" was standing right there - empty! 


We're at least an hour and half of walking away from the city centre. 
Was it a tow truck, was it stolen?! 
Fuck, thousand questions at once! 
And of course, it was the tow truck. 

An hour of walking later, along with sarcastic laughter and jokes, with items we 
bought in our hands - a ball, picture frame, metal cigarette case, 
military satchel and a doorknob - we reached the car. 

90 € fee. Fuck!!!

But hey, 
thanks to the Guy who sold me the camera,
you are reading this post and watching pics because of him!


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