Tuesday, 22 October 2013


K: Hey Antonio, Introduce yourself!
A: Hello my name is Antonio Peković, I am from Zagreb, Croatia. I am 18 and I'm a skateboarder.

K: Tell me how and when did you start skateboarding?
A: I was just looking for a way to have fun and skateboarding looked pretty fun so I just went for it. It's five years now since the first time I stood on it.

K: Who do you mostly skate with, and why?
A: With everyone, I don't know hahah!!!
K: Best spot for you to skate?!
A: I am not really sure, I like skating everything so it's hard to pick one particular spot, but I mostly like riding long flat bars and long gaps.

K: I saw that you killed last few contest, are you a contest guy or?
A: I don't think so, I like skating contests, I like skating everything; but going on trips with my team-mates are the best because they are my family.

K: What is next for you?
A: Moving to another place, another country maybe, and try to have as much fun as possible.

K: Would you like to tnx anyone?
A: I would like to tnx all of my friends who make skateboarding fun for me, but mostly Dux who believed in me, and my team manager Međa.

K: Tnx Antonio, see ya on the street soon!

You can check his profile on Chill skate shop!


  1. svaka čast kiki na fotkama ovog hrvatskog golden boya. ovakav intervju bi otkupio svaki europski skate magazin da ima kategoriju sa ne afirmiranim skaterima iz nepoznatih zemalja i scena. ma ovo je apsolutna pobjeda hrvatskog skateboardinga u foto i skil pogledu dakle u svakom pogledu

  2. juju, vidi malog sto trga!!!!