Thursday, 5 April 2012

R.O.W last party!

R.O.W skateboards called us to come to their last party because they are moving to Postojna.

We started our trip in Dravograd on Saturday morning.

Border cross

We were driving couple of hours and thought that we have arrived in Dravograd, so we started skating, but we were in Maribor.

                  wrong city wrong girls (turkish girls)

So we moved on and after one hour we arrived in Dravograd.
R.O.W gang moving their vert ramp to truck and we are helping them.

After work, crazzzzzyyyy skate session and waiting for destruction in "Mini Kino" Mićo flat.

It's time for chaos!!!

Maybe we didn't skate so much but we were on a great party with great friends!!!

You can visited R.O.W gang here!

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