Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Three days with Chill in Split

D: Oi Kiki whats up!!!
K: Oi Dux!
D: Do you go with us in Split?!
K: What, when, why???
D: Friday till sunday, just chilling at sun and skateboarding...
K: Hmmm why not, where we can sleep?
D: at Pike skatepark
K: Yeaaaah pick me up on friday!!!

So we started trip at friday at 4 Pm from Zagreb with new Van.
Van was full of people and some old man was looking at a Van couple
of minutes like we were some strange animals.

We arived in Rijeka between 7-8 Pm to pick Nino but he was late 15 min,
so we decided to take a piss brake near funpark.

After Rijeka we had 4 hours before Split...

We finally arrived in Split.
Couple of beers and talking with old friends at Pike's park.
Next day we woke up early and we decided to go at street spots.

Early session in skatepark

Nice skate spot with gap and a nice ladge.

                                                                                                    Fs kickflip

Beach spot with quoter pipe.

                                                                                                  50-50 Miškec way

Jardin spot!

                                                                                                     Bs kickflip
Chilling time!

Secret spot-mmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Sick session with locals!!!

                                                                                            Boardslide to fakie

Next day!

                                                                                                       Boneless 180
                                                                                         switch fs bigspin shovit

 Break for best cheeseburger ever!!!

Time to say Goodbye!!!

We wanted to stay longer in Split but it was time to go home!!!


P.S. Tnx Pike for all!!!

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