Sunday, 28 August 2011

Confusion and friends two days triping

On Thursday in the morning i got a phone call from Zagreb taxi ?!
Hello I have some friends of you here and I will take them to student centar sc pool.
One day before Tadej and Lele contact me and told me that some guys will come to Zagreb
and stay one day.
After that, guys will go to Postojna_Slovenia on party, so I came to sc pool where I met them.
We skate pool  cople of  hours and after that we went to Medika to check in for sleeping room.
So we chill whole day and night in Zagreb (drinking and have fun).
On Friday
thay checked  the train to Postojna.
I called  Dux and Đuro and we decided that we will go by Đuro"s car at 7 pm
So we came to Postojna and met  a lot of good locals.
After two hours "Confusion" and friends came to Postojna.
Session started so good but after 30 min. I dislocated my littel finger on right hand - tnx Lele to
save my finger in first try.
Next day;
Nice weather and chill out, sessions, music and a lot of people, food, beers and goooood
vibration in the air.
Night is coming and locals build a stage and projector.
We watched new video from Carhartt - Format Perspective by Philip Evans.
After that, concert started and people started to be crazy, we listened two bands and then again
bad things, Dux dislocated his knee in pogo and we decided to go back to Zagreb.
Even bad things we have so much fun and good energy in two days.
Thanks "BOLDRIDER" crew to all things and nice party, also thanks Chez for sleeping room
for Confusion and guys!!!

Here are photos!!!!!

Jake Sneeling

Craig Scott

Miniramp hotel

New corner, new fun!

Bowl hotel



Garden hotel


Dan Cates

Jake Sneeling

Kupa niceeee five-0 nose grab

Craig Scott

Niceee early roll in

Deso i Kupa R.O.W.

Tvoja nedelja

Naked five-0 Čunjo

Format perspective


Jonathan Hay "Confusion"

Craig Propa!!!!!!

Boldrider shop

Phil Evans






Tibor way

            confusion mag
            Phil Evans
            row skateboards
            death skateboards
            tvoja nedelja
            kolektiv mag


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